About Dao Nu Community Acupuncture Clinic


Unlike traditional single bed acupuncture clinics, where patients receive one to one treatment, Dao Nu uses the multi-bed setting where patients receive treatments in small groups in comfortable reclining chairs or massage tables distributed in the same room.

This approach has increased in popularity over the years mainly because our cost effective “sliding scale” payment model which makes courses of treatments more affordable for people who need regular treatments.

While your treatments will be carried out in a warm communal environment, if requested and whenever available your consultations can be held in a curtained off area or a separate room so you can maintain your privacy and confidentiality. Treatments may be done by a different practitioner every session. But regardless of how busy we are, or who performs your treatment, we will always make sure you’re not only comfortable but are receiving the highest quality care possible.


The Benefits of Community Acupuncture


The benefits of the multi-bed model have proven hugely beneficial. The appointment only system means you can be seen every time as long as you make an advance booking. Without having to pay £50 or more per session, patients can enjoy the benefits of a range of highly effective Chinese medicine therapies, each designed to tackle specific concerns on a regular basis.

There is a wonderful sense of community in a multi-bed treatment room that many patients respond incredibly well to. The vibrancy of collective healing has appeared to be sensed amongst patients who find easy to truly relax, fully benefitting from the treatment.

Odette has always been committed to serving the community in the best way possible and through the multi-bed practice, she’s found a way. Being able to treat between two and four patients an hour has proven that the future of traditional Chinese medicine has arrived to Walthamstow and it’s accessible for all.



Odette Aguirre

Director of Daonu Acupuncture




Yein Chin

Practitioner at Daonu Acupuncture