What is a Community Acupuncture Clinic


Unlike traditional single bed acupuncture clinics, where patients receive one to one treatment, Dao Nu uses the multi-bed setting where patients receive treatments in small groups in comfortable reclining chairs or massage tables distributed in the same room.

While your treatments will be carried out in a warm communal environment, if requested and whenever available your consultations can be held in a curtained off area or a separate room so you can maintain your privacy and confidentiality. Treatments may be done by a different practitioner every session. But regardless of how busy we are, or who performs your treatment, we will always make sure you’re not only comfortable but are receiving the highest quality care possible.

What do I need to do before my treatment?


Please wear loose clothing. Trousers need to be able to be rolled up to the knees and arm sleeves need to be up to the elbows. Skinny, tight jeans should be avoided. Needles are usually left in place for between 30 and 45 minutes.  Please also make sure you have eaten prior to your treatment as acupuncture on an empty stomach can make some people feel lightheaded.

How much does it cost?

The project operates on a cost effective “sliding scale” model: you decide what you can afford on a sliding scale between £25 and £45. The lower end of the scale is typically for people who are on low incomes, unemployed or students. If you can afford to pay more please do so, as this will help to keep the project running and make courses of treatments more affordable for people who need regular treatments. Only cash is accepted.

Appointments are available on Tuesday's afternoons. Bookings are by appointment only and there are limited spaces, we highly recommend you to make your booking in advance. The first appointment is at 4pm and the last appointment is at 7pm. Please contact Odette directly on 07809211013 or go to Book Now to make your appointment.  A course of treatments will usually be advised.

The appointment only system means you can be seen every time as long as you make an advanced booking. Without having to pay £50 or more per session, patients can enjoy the benefits of Acupuncture on a regular basis.

How do i make an appointment?

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a high demand for low cost acupuncture and failure to turn up results in someone else missing out on the opportunity of having treatment. Timely cancelations will allow the treatment slo

·      Cancellations and reschedules made with less than 48hrs notice will incur a cancelation fee of the full amount of the treatment.

·      Patients who do not turn up within 10 minutes of the scheduled time or do not show up at all will incur a full treatment fee.

·      Patients cancelling or rescheduling on 3 separate occasions will no longer have access to advanced bookings, they will only be able to make last minute bookings subject to availability.